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2015 NFL Mock Draft: With The Ninth Pick, The New York Giants Select...

Big Blue is up next in our reader-driven mock draft. Who did the Giants take with the ninth overall pick?

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Coming at us all the way from England (g'day, mate), Coolbreeze3 has his pick ready and is at the podium...

With the 9th pick in the 2015 BRB Mock Draft the New York Football Giants select… Danny Shelton (NT -- Washington).

If this were a real draft I would have gone with Brandon Scherff. This however is a fake draft, so I thought the NY G-Men would like some beef in the middle to help Jason Pierre-Paul sack Tony Romo as much as possible. Shelton will be a force in the run game once he has a little time to adjust to the NFL.

Additionally, Shelton should add above-average pass rush from the NT position and that’s just gravy. Sure, there are plenty of other ways I could have gone with this pick, but in the end I went with who I believed was the best player on the board at his position and couldn’t pass him up.

Big body Danny Shelton (6'2", 339 pounds) seems like he'd fit right in with the New York Giants. Though Eli Manning's clutch heroics get much of the credit, Big Blue won two Super Bowls (both against the Patriots!) on the backs of their defensive linemen, who consistently pressured Tom Brady without extra blitzers. Shelton could certainly help that cause while helping improve the Giants' poor run defense (30th in yards allowed, 4.9 ypa against).

Shelton also has the added bonus of having experience against Oregon, notching 8 tackles and half a sack against them this past year -- experience that certainly doesn't hurt when facing Chip Kelly's Eagles twice a year.

Here's what Dane Noble of Windy City Gridiron had to say about Shelton after selecting him at #7 in SBNation's blogger mock draft:

Shelton is big, wide, heavy and strong, and capable of attracting double teams all game long. He’s a rock in the middle, and can shut down an inside running game all by himself. Shelton is a plug-and-play guy from Day 1, and definitely someone you can build a front seven around.

Big thanks to Coolbreeze3 for getting his pick in, in spite the time difference. El Torito and St. Louis Rams are up. Your pick is due by 12 PM CT today!  Good luck.

Player Drafted
1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers hlc1221 Jameis Winston QB FSU
2. Cleveland Browns (From Tennessee) Caprock High Football Leonard Williams DE/DT USC
3. Jacksonville Jaguars AFBuzz Vic Beasely OLB Clemson
4. Oakland Raiders HTown5 Amari Cooper WR Alabama
5. Washington Redskins BriceMcCainHOF Randy Gregory DE/LB Nebraska
6. New York Jets WotanTX Marcus Mariota QB Oregon
7. Chicago Bears DaJarBot Dante Fowler, Jr. OLB Florida
8. Atlanta Falcons grandmasteroz Alvin Dupree DE/OLB Kentucky
9. New York Giants Coolbreeze3 Danny Shelton DT Washington
10. St. Louis Rams El Torito
11 Minnesota Vikings Puma028
12. Tennessee Titans (From Cleveland) Huggy The Bear
13. New Orleans Saints UTBawse23
14. Miami Dolphins Bleyd
15. San Francisco 49ers fredy05
16. Houston Texans BRB Masthead
17. San Diego Chargers traviscogg
18. Kansas City Chiefs Zach_The_Gamecock
19.Tennessee Titans (From Cleveland via Buffalo) Huggy The Bear
20. Philadelphia Eagles
21. Cincinnati Bengals Free Range
22. Pittsburgh Steelers bigralph
23. Detroit Lions BostonianToro
24. Arizona Cardinals bt20
25. Carolina Panthers TexanStro
26. Baltimore Ravens Three and Out
27. Dallas Cowboys Roll.Texans.Roll
28. Denver Broncos BNew417
29. Indianapolis Colts Schaubshank Redemption
30. Green Bay Packers FeedEmToTheWolves8099
31. New Orleans Saints (From Seattle) UTBawse23
32. New England Patriots MD.Texan


Pick Due By...
10. St. Louis Rams El Torito 4/10 @Noon
11 Minnesota Vikings Puma028 4/10 @7 p.m.
12. Tennessee Titans (From Cleveland) Huggy The Bear 4/11 @Noon
13. New Orleans Saints UTBawse23 4/11 @7 p.m.
14. Miami Dolphins Bleyd 4/12 @Noon
15. San Francisco 49ers fredy05 4/12 @7 p.m.
16. Houston Texans BRB Masthead 4/13 @Noon
17. San Diego Chargers traviscogg 4/13 @7 p.m.
18. Kansas City Chiefs Zach_The_Gamecock 4/14 @Noon
19.Tennessee Titans (From Cleveland via Buffalo) Huggy The Bear 4/14 @7 p.m.
20. Philadelphia Eagles 4/15 @Noon
21. Cincinnati Bengals Free Range 4/15 @7 p.m.
22. Pittsburgh Steelers bigralph 4/16 @Noon
23. Detroit Lions BostonianToro 4/16 @7 p.m.
24. Arizona Cardinals bt20 4/17 @Noon
25. Carolina Panthers TexanStro 4/17 @7 p.m.
26. Baltimore Ravens Three and Out 4/18 @Noon
27. Dallas Cowboys Roll.Texans.Roll 4/18 @7 p.m.
28. Denver Broncos BNew417 4/19 @Noon
29. Indianapolis Colts Schaubshank Redemption 4/19 @7 p.m.
30. Green Bay Packers FeedEmToTheWolves8099 4/20 @Noon
31. New Orleans Saints (From Seattle) UTBawse23 4/20 @7 p.m.
32. New England Patriots MD.Texan 4/21 @Noon