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Troy Polamalu Retired Today, So Here's A Video Of Arian Foster Juking Him Out Of His Cleats As A Tribute

One of the most iconic players in modern football retired today, so what better way to honor him than with a video of him getting the NFL equivalent of posterization.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Polamalu, the high-flyinghard-hitting, and apparently precognitive safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers,announced his retirement today after 12 years in the NFL.  He won two Super Bowls, notched four first team All-Pro awards, was voted into eight Pro Bowls, all while setting the standard for safety play throughout all of his decorated, Hall of Fame-worthy career...

...and one time in 2011, Arian Foster juked him into Beaumont. Watch:

Just dirty. Arian faked one way and Troy bit hard, getting nothing but a mouthful of turf for his troubles. Foster would finish with 30 carries, 155 yards and a score en route to a 17-10 Texans victory, but I bet this particular run sticks out to him the most from that day. Embarrassing a player of Polamalu's caliber doesn't happen every day, after all.

Of course, no disrespect is meant in pointing this play out.  Polamalu was one of the most thrilling players to watch in the NFL. He was smart, fast, innovative and dangerous on the field, all while being the face (and hair) of one of the NFL's most storied franchises.

So here's to you, Troy. By savoring this whiffed tackle faceplant, we acknowledge just how badass of a player you were. The league won't be the same without you.

P.S.: The fact that you never bamboozled my team out of millions of dollars automatically makes you the better safety over Ed Reed. The debate is over.