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2015 NFL Mock Draft: With The Twentieth Pick, The Philadelphia Eagles Select...

The 20th pick in the prestigious BRB Community Mock Draft, and our very own has the explanation. Will he do right by Chip Kelly?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If former Oregon Duck quarterback Marcus Mariota is long gone by the 20th pick (to the Jets at 6th in our draft), it's very likely that real-life Chip Kelly is going to resign as the Eagles' head coach and go on to pursue other interests... such as finding out what's at the bottom of a bottle of Wild Turkey. Until that happens, we've got with his selection...

With the 20th pick of the 2015 BRB Mock Draft, the Philadelpia Eagles Select Philip Dorsett (WR--University of Miami).

Now now, I know you are all clamoring at the opportunity to lampoon me down in the comments section but try and remember that I'm faux Chip Kelly, which means I do what I want. Just ask Marcus Smith… or any of the Pro Bowlers I've sent packing recently.

The Eagles have needs on both sides of the ball, especially in the secondary. But after overpaying Byron Maxwell, I'm hesitant to sink a first rounder into the position, especially with Brandon Boykin, Walter Thurmond III and Nolan Carroll all on the roster. That, and I'm afraid of Marcus Peters physically fighting my coaching staff. We could also use some help at the safety position , nd I'm a Landon Collins fan--I celebrate the guy's entire catalog--but we ask our safeties to match up one-on-one downfield a lot, and that just is not what he does.

That brings us to wide receiver and a deep class of some seriously talented guys to take my high octane offense to the next level. Conventional wisdom says Jaelen Strong is the pick here, but I felt like with Riley Cooper, Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff all on the roster, he would be a little redundant. Matthews excelled in the slot in his rookie season, but after the departures of Jackson in '13 and Maclin in '14, my offense was lacking what I love most: speed.

"But Chip, you can get a speedster with questionable hands who lacks a full route tree anywhere!"

I knew you would say that, but I see so much more in Dorsett.  He wasn't asked to run a full tree at Miami; he was asked to absolutely explode the tops off of defenses. Which he did… often.  Forget the fact that the guy runs a 4.2 in a straight line and watch him run routes at his combine/pro day.  He effortlessly breaks in and out of cuts without losing any of that fire speed that we know so much about, and it truly is a spectacle to see.

Which brings us to his hands. It's true: When you read the weaknesses section on most of his scouting reports, you will find questions about his catching ability, but look no further than his quarterback play. Dorsett was targeted 67 times last season, but according to Pro Football Focus, only 37 of which were catchable balls (yikes). Of the 37, he dropped one, giving him a Jarvis Landry type of drop rate that we marveled over last year.  Oh, yeah... 10 of those 36 catches went for touchdowns, most of them being from distance.

Chances are the majority will laugh us out of Chicago for this pick, but we have our guy.  We think he can be a T.Y. Hilton /Antonio Brown type of special and we didn't want to lose him.  Sure, we would have loved a trade down, but nobody came calling and we knew what we wanted. A guy we can move all around the line of scrimmage.  While you're worried about getting your defense set before we snap the ball within the next 10 seconds… Dorsett just got behind your safety again. Boom. Chip f@#*@ng Kelly.

I hope has his résumé up to date, because I bet some NFL teams will come calling after reading this. Fantastic write-up, my friend.

Will Dorsett be the next DeSean Jackson? Or Darrius Heyward-Bey? Sound off in the comments down below, Texans fans.

Recapping the first round of the 2015 BRB Mock Draft so far...

Player Drafted
1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers hlc1221 Jameis Winston QB FSU
2. Cleveland Browns (From Tennessee) Caprock High Football Leonard Williams DE/DT USC
3. Jacksonville Jaguars AFBuzz Vic Beasely OLB Clemson
4. Oakland Raiders HTown5 Amari Cooper WR Alabama
5. Washington Redskins BriceMcCainHOF Randy Gregory DE/LB Nebraska
6. New York Jets WotanTX Marcus Mariota QB Oregon
7. Chicago Bears DaJarBot Dante Fowler, Jr. OLB Florida
8. Atlanta Falcons grandmasteroz Alvin Dupree DE/OLB Kentucky
9. New York Giants Coolbreeze3 Danny Shelton DT Washington
10. St. Louis Rams El Torito Brandon Scherff OT Iowa
11 Minnesota Vikings Puma028 DeVante Parker WR Louisville
12. Tennessee Titans (From Cleveland) Huggy The Bear Shane Ray DE Missouri
13. New Orleans Saints UTBawse23 Trae Waynes CB Michigan State
14. Miami Dolphins Bleyd La'el Collins OT LSU
15. San Francisco 49ers fredy05 Rivers McCown Kevin White WR West Virginia
16. Houston Texans BRB Masthead Eric Kendricks ILB UCLA
17. San Diego Chargers traviscogg Owamagbe Odighizuwa DE/OLB UCLA
18. Kansas City Chiefs


Rivers McCown

Cedric Ogbuehi OT Texas A&M
19.Tennessee Titans (From Cleveland via Buffalo) Huggy The Bear Todd Gurley RB Georgia
20. Philadelphia Eagles Philip Dorsett
21. Cincinnati Bengals Free Range

22. Pittsburgh Steelers bigralph

23. Detroit Lions BostonianToro

24. Arizona Cardinals bt20

25. Carolina Panthers TexanStro

26. Baltimore Ravens Three and Out

27. Dallas Cowboys Roll.Texans.Roll

28. Denver Broncos BNew417

29. Indianapolis Colts Schaubshank Redemption

30. Green Bay Packers FeedEmToTheWolves8099

31. New Orleans Saints (From Seattle) UTBawse23

32. New England Patriots MD.Texan

Pick Due By...
21. Cincinnati Bengals Free Range 4/16 @ Noon
22. Pittsburgh Steelers bigralph 4/16 @ 7 p.m.
23. Detroit Lions BostonianToro 4/17 @ Noon
24. Arizona Cardinals bt20 4/17 @ 7 p.m.
25. Carolina Panthers TexanStro 4/18 @ Noon
26. Baltimore Ravens Three and Out 4/18 @ 7 p.m.
27. Dallas Cowboys Roll.Texans.Roll 4/19 @ Noon
28. Denver Broncos BNew417 4/19 @ 7 p.m.
29. Indianapolis Colts Schaubshank Redemption 4/20 @ Noon
30. Green Bay Packers FeedEmToTheWolves8099 4/20 @ 7 p.m.
31. New Orleans Saints (From Seattle) UTBawse23 4/21 @ Noon
32. New England Patriots MD.Texan 4/21 @ 7 p.m.

The "Free Range" and The Bengals are now on the clock. That pick is due via e-mail by 12 p.m. CDT.