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2015 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Bumps Up Damarious Randall To His No. 1 Safety Spot On Position Rankings

If you thought's Mike Mayock was done making headlines with his evaluations leading up to the 2015 NFL don't know Mike Mayock.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mayock’s latest position rankings are out.

Despite not much movement overall, the draft guru did have one final splash to make by moving Arizona State’s Damarious Randall ahead of Alabama’s Landon Collins for the number one spot at the safety position. Randall has been a hot name recently as more and more media members catch up to what scouts have known for months – this kid can flat out ball. In terms of the overall package of range, instincts, and tackling ability, it is tough to argue against Randall as this year’s "favorite" safety prospect. I myself have not given him a full grade yet on my 100-point scale, but I fully intend to between now and the NFL Draft in 13 days.

What do you think of Mayock’s latest rankings, BRB?

Is he still wildly off-base by ranking Dante Fowler Jr. as the best edge rusher in this class? (yes)

Is he still curiously low on Danny Shelton as an interior defensive line prospect? (double yes)

Will anyone’s rankings still matter when half of these guys bust out of the league within four years anyway? (spoiler alert: nope)

Sound off below.