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Saturday Night's Alright for Commenting, April 18, 2015

Bonjour, personnes. In honor of the glory that is football, I'm busting out some French in honor of my Creole heritage.

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OTAs start Monday, y'all. We've done it. We've survived the dead period!!!! Praise Football!!!!
OTAs start Monday, y'all. We've done it. We've survived the dead period!!!! Praise Football!!!!
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

It's Saturday, April 18, and our favorite football team will begin football-y activities on Monday. It's like that last half-mile of the marathon. We're crawling to that line. Let's enjoy some S.N.O.T. in the meantime.

In other Houston-related sports news, our Astros are 4th in the AL West! We even managed to take two out of three from the despised Rangers (as a resident of DFW, I must tip my cap because this made this past week that much more enjoyable at work). The 'Stros are continuing their series against the pretentiously named Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim tonight and tomorrow, and the hope is that our guys can take the series.

Our Rockets are taking on the Mavericks (I need a series win in this, too, because my coworkers are obnoxious, so think warm fuzzy thoughts, y'all) in the first round of the playoffs. Their owner, Mark Cuban, was his usual brash, abrasive, horrible self and made some disparaging remarks about our team, so let's hope they're inspired to make him eat his words. The game starts at 8:30PM CDT on BSPN, Root Sports Southwest, and KTXA (local CBS channel for those of us in Dallas).

Our Dynamo are in the nation's capital taking on United. Things have improved for the guys in orange. We've moved up to 6th in the Western Conference. The game starts at 6PM CDT and should be televised on Root Sports Southwest and Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic.

Our newest professional team, the Dash, are taking on Sky Blue FC at the wonderfully-named Yurcak Field. A little bit of research on my part shows that Yurcak is located in Piscataway Township, New Jersey, so the ladies and gents are playing road games this week.

In college baseball news, the Rice Owls are playing the UTSA Roadrunners at home. The UH Cougars are hosting the Cincinnati Bearcats at home, too. Of course, should Houston continue to experience torrential downpours, these games might be postponed.

Now that the run-down of sporting events is complete, let's get to the fun stuff. S.N.O.T. is a wonderful treat here where posters can feel free to discuss almost everything (minus a few prohibited topics, like the idea of not worshipping cats, as long as we keep to the rules, folks). This is the place to discuss various topics like your favorite flowers (peonies and hydrangeas), cool movies you're thinking about seeing, music you're loving right now, tv shows that have captured your imagination (men in kilts with accents, hmmmm), books you've recently picked up, and anything else.

I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE Cody ChesnuTT. Love him!!!!! Love, love, love him!

Now that I've introduced y'all to the wonders of Cody ChesnuTT, feel free to put forward your thoughts in the Comments!