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The Film Room: Randy Gregory's Awesome Powers Of Destruction

Episode Seven of The Film Room is finally here! What does Brett Kollmann have to say about former Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory? Read (and watch) on below.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Up until about a week ago, the thought of Randy Gregory somehow falling to the Texans at 16th overall was but a pipe dream. One failed drug test at the NFL Combine later, however, and what was once impossible has now become a somewhat likely option. Texans defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel is no stranger to talented pass rushers with drug issues, considering he was on the New York Giants' staff during Lawrence Taylor's heyday.  Crennel also coached Justin Houston in Kansas City after Houston's own failed drug test at the 2011 Combine. Would he be willing to take a chance on yet another talented hunter of quarterbacks despite the off-the-field issues? Or rather more importantly, would Rick Smith, Bill O'Brien, and Bob McNair be willing to take that chance? I suppose we'll all find out in just a few short weeks.

Until then, here is episode seven of The Film Room - Skinny Randy Edition.

What say you, BRB? Would you draft Randy Gregory 16th overall if the opportunity presented itself? Sound off in the comments.

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