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2015 NFL Free Agency News: Antonio Smith Signs With Denver Broncos

Many Texans fans hoped that Antonio Smith would find his way back to Houston after being cut by the Oakland Raiders a few days ago. Alas, the word is he'll be staying in the AFC West. Contractual details are inside.

Hope he knows a good dojo guy in Denver.
Hope he knows a good dojo guy in Denver.
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

That hope that the Houston Texans would re-sign the only ninja they've ever employed? Crushed.

You've won this round, Kubiak.

Safe to say that Antonio's familiarity with Kubes, former Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, and former Texans defensive line coach Bill Kollar, along with $2,000,000.00, likely won the day for the Broncos. While I wish Smith had signed up for a second tour with Houston, here's hoping one of the most colorful players in Texans history has a good season in Denver.