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2015 Houston Texans OTA And Minicamp Dates Released

Ahhhhhh, football in the summer - it's only slightly inferior to football in the fall, winter, and spring. Check out the Texans' offseason schedule.

The march of the Gladiators.
The march of the Gladiators.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has released the official dates for OTA and minicamp offseason workouts for the entire league, including our very own Houston Texans. Mark your calendars, folks!

OTA Dates

May 26-28

June 1-2

June 4

June 8-9

June 11-12

Mandatory Minicamp Dates

June 16-18

We’ve all had fun this spring freaking out about every little possible scrap of pre-draft smokescreenage news, but soon we’ll be able to collectively lose our minds about something new – vague tweets about injuries in practice! YAAAAAAAAAY!