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2015 Houston Texans Schedule Predictions: What's Yours?

The NFL regular season schedule came out a little more than twelve hours ago. That's plenty of time for you to have digested the Texans' slate and to subsequently make a totally ironclad prediction as to what their record will be in 2015.

This dude's hat won't lose a single game all year.
This dude's hat won't lose a single game all year.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

You may have heard something somewhere about the NFL releasing its regular season schedule yesterday. Although we have known for months who your Houston Texans were facing in 2015, we didn't know when or in what order those games would be played.

Now we do.

Since you presumably didn't sleep at all last night, running through any number of win-loss scenarios in your head, I trust you've had sufficient time to declare which games the Texans will win and which games they will lose in 2015. Plus there are few things better and/or more amusing than making predictions waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early. So call it, friendo.

Week One: Chiefs
Week Two: @ Panthers
Week Three: Buccaneers
Week Four: @ Falcons
Week Five: Colts (Thursday Night Football)
Week Six: @ Jaguars
Week Seven: @ Dolphins
Week Eight: Titans
Week Nine: BYE
Week Ten: @ Bengals (Monday Night Football)
Week Eleven: Jets
Week Twelve: Saints
Week Thirteen: @ Bills
Week Fourteen: Patriots
Week Fifteen: @ Colts
Week Sixteen: @ Titans
Week Seventeen: Jaguars

In the Comments below, kindly leave your game-by-game predictions so that all of us may return to this post after the Texans-Jaguars game on January 3, 2016 and marvel at your brilliance.