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PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: With The 16th Pick In The 2015 NFL Draft, Who Will The Houston Texans Select?

A week out from the 2015 NFL Draft, Houston Texans fans weigh in with what they think the team will do with the sixteenth pick.

We're ready for it to be over too, Bill.
We're ready for it to be over too, Bill.
Bob Levey/Getty Images

One week from now, the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft will get underway. Your Houston Texans currently hold the sixteenth overall pick of said draft. We've all had our fill of mock drafts (though I do not deny we'll keep posting about them until the draft actually starts, because we're dumb that way). We're (somewhat) familiar with (what is actually in the public domain about) the prospects. So I ask you, gentle reader: What will the Houston Texans do with the 16th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft?

Vote in the poll below and then discuss in the Comments.  I listed a ton of players, many of whom may not be available when the Texans go on the clock.  To that end, if you think a player listed will not be available to the Texans at No. 16, don't vote for him.  Only vote for a player you think will be there and that you believe the Texans will actually select.