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Countdown To The 2015 NFL Draft

With just a few hours remaining before the start of the 2015 NFL Draft, join fellow fans here to share nervous enthusiasm on what your Houston Texans may in the first round tonight.

Ryan Dunsmore

The big day is finally here!  Tonight, tomorrow, and all through the weekend, the Houston Texans will be battling other NFL teams to gather fresh young talent to bring to Houston for a shot at one of 53 roster spots for the 2015 NFL season.  Tonight is the exciting first round, where the more well known college players will be announced during the prime time broadcast.

Earlier this week, Houston added running back Chris Polk and big-hitting safety Stevie Brown.  On Monday, rumors erupted that D.J. Swearinger was possibly on the trading block.

How will all of that affect the Texans draft board tonight?  Will the Texans trade back in the first round, or will they take the best player available at pick 16?  Maybe they will do the unexpected and trade up for a player that they have strong convictions will help the team the most.

This is your open thread to contemplate how the evening will unfold.  The usual rules apply.  The floor is yours.