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2015 NFL Draft First Round: Part II

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Howdy, folks. We're continuing the thread here, to make it less hectic.

Ryan Dunsmore

Continue your fawning, ranting, raving, and speculation about how this night is unfolding here, ladies, gentlemen and panda bears.

With that in mind, there are a few ground rules that will be laid down. In addition to the usual ground rules that we're all well-versed in, I'm going to request that you refrain from posting gifs or embedded Tweets in the comments. They slow down the load time.

ANNUAL REMINDER: Please do not post or comment on any of the selections before Roger Goodell announces them on the television broadcast. I know that news about who's been picked will be broken before an official announcement is made (especially on Twitter). Please do not spoil it for those of us who want to find out the old fashioned way. If you fail to honor this request, YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR THE NIGHT.

If you're confused about where and how to find NFL Draft info, Tim has been sort of friendly and posted a spiffy, splendiferous article. For info about your friendly BRB mods' plans for the draft, we have this handy-dandy article, too.

Feel free to cooperate in the NFL Draft obsession below.