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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: April 4, 2015

Live from your computers: it's Saturday Night!!! Hola, peoples. It's our weekly S.N.O.T. here at the friendly confines of BRB .

Out of loyalty to JJ and Garrett, we're rooting for these guys tonight.
Out of loyalty to JJ and Garrett, we're rooting for these guys tonight.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Even though our beloved Texans are still in relative hibernation (with J.J. Watt, in his cabin, in the woods), this is a big weekend for sports. The Spartans take on the Blue Devils on TBS, followed by the more important game, where the Badgers aim to hand the Wildcats their first loss of the season (#OnWisconsin).

For those of y'all who don't like the round bouncy ball, the Houston Dynamo will be welcoming the Seattle Sounders tonight. The season just started, and the team is currently 1-2-1 with five points, good for sixth in the conference.

Also, our Rockets are gearing up to take on the Durant-less Thunder on Sunday. If we're lucky, Dwight Howard will play, and James Harden's beard will score 10 points on its own as he pushes for NBA MVP. Our team is currently tied for second in the West for the playoffs, and their final six games of the season will be huge in determining how the playoffs unfold (not especially interested in seeing Portland in the playoffs again, thankyouverymuch).

For those of us who are gluttons for punishment, our Houston Astros open their 2015 season on Monday, at home, against a certain team from Cleveland. Even if you think the 'Stros are unwatchable, Orbit deserves our loyalty, and we should tune in to see him shake his moneymaker!

The beauty of S.N.O.T. is that we can discuss almost anything (just remember the basic ground rules, pretty please), like our love for cats, our love for trench football, our love for vegan bacon, even our music tastes, and it's all good!

To that end, I am sharing an artist I fell in love with when I was listening to The Dresden Soul SymphonyJoy Denalane is one of my favorite lesser-known artists, along with Gregory PorterGordon ChambersNoel Gourdin. Of course, my personal music taste runs the gamut from Johannes Ockeghem to Jonny Lang and almost everything in between.

With that stated, it's Saturday night, and your Saturday Night Open Thread is really, truly, fully open! Enjoy.