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2015 BRB Mock Draft: Titans and Browns Announce Trade

In huge pre-fake-draft news, the BESFs and Browns are aggressively rearranging the deck chairs on their respective Titanics.

The cheese stands alone.
The cheese stands alone.
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Just hours before the 2015 BRB Mock Draft officially gets underway, the Tennessee Titans (helmed by a self-loathing Huggy the Bear) and the Cleveland Browns (Caprock High Football) have made a trade that will inexorably alter the geographical location of multiple players' feelings of hopelessness.

The terms of the swap:

Browns receive BESFs 2015 1st-round pick (2nd overall).

BESFs receive both of the Browns' 2015 1st-round picks (12th and 19th overall), Cleveland's 2015 3rd-round pick (77th overall), and Cleveland's 2016 2nd-round pick.

A high price to pay for the 2nd overall pick?  Perhaps.  But this is the Browns. Assuming this move is made to allow them to take a quarterback, you might be able to justify the price simply but pointing out that the franchise's list of QBs over the past 15 years could make a Texans fan feel somewhat better about himself.

For the Titans, this trade makes total sense.  As Grantland pointed out the other day, Tennessee is a team more or less devoid of talent.  With the 12th and 19th pick, they gets two cracks at finding some starting-quality players.

Share your thoughts on the trade and/or suggestions on who each of these teams should draft in the comments below.