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2015 NFL Mock Draft: With The First Pick, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select...

The first pick of the 2015 Battle Red Blog Mock Draft is in. See who the Tampa Bay Buccaneers chose and why that player was selected.

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With news of the blockbuster trade involving the second overall pick of the 2015 BRB Mock Draft still ringing in our ears, hlc1221 gets the festivities rolling by announcing who the Buccaneers will select with the first overall pick of the draft.

With the first pick in the 2015 BRB Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Jameis Winston (QB--Florida State).

This is the only banker in the draft. Jameis Winston is the best quarterback in the draft, and in my opinion the best since Andrew Luck. Initially, most felt there would be at least an argument for Marcus Mariota to be taken here, but Winston's strong Combine and a stellar pro day where over 100 passes were thrown have alleviated any concerns with his throwing ability.

Mariota is a good quarterback, however when the two are compared, Jameis is a far better player with better mechanics and experience in a pro-style offence. His release may be slow but he has shown his ability to make tough throws and he has good arm strength. Further, and key in the NFL, he is a clutch player, who often carried the Seminoles to victory after being down at the half or at the start of the 4th. Jameis Winston is a great throwing quarterback, with some athleticism as well, which will be useful in the NFL

The main knock on Jameis Winson has nothing to do with his game, or him transitioning to the NFL. Winston has a habit of getting in trouble. Be it rape allegations; vulgar language on campus or even stealing soda from a restaurant-Winston seems to be one of those players who are always in the headlines. While this may sway some teams from perhaps considering him, the Buccaneers are in need of a quarterback to start this year. Josh McCown and Mike Glennon are at best 2nd string quarterbacks despite McCown's 2013 season, and Jameis Winston offers a huge upgrade over these 2.

Thus, one can only feel that the Buccaneers will take Jameis Winston at No.1 overall, and hope that he stays out of trouble and reaches his incredible ceiling in the NFL.

Great write up! Can't blame him for taking the consensus best quarterback available. The Buccaneers could use some good luck for once after experiencing Josh Freeman, McCown and Glennon the past few years.

Leave your thoughts on this pick down below. And feel free to tie in our own quarterback woes as well.

After Saturday's blockbuster trade for the 2nd overall pick, Caprock High Football and the Cleveland Browns are now on the clock. As I understand it, the pick will be posted today at 4 PM CT and is due to be turned in at 12 PM CT.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers--hlc1221 -- Jameis Winston, QB
2. Cleveland Browns (from Tennessee Titans)--Caprock High Football
3. Jacksonville Jaguars--AFbuzz
4.  Oakland Raiders--HTown5
5.  Washington Redskins--BriceMcCainHOF
6.  New York Jets--WotanTX
7.  Chicago Bears--DaJarBot
8.  Atlanta Falcons--grandmasteroz
9.  New York Giants--CoolBreeze3
10.  St. Louis Rams--El Torito
11.  Minnesota Vikings--Puma028
12. Tennessee Titans (from Cleveland Browns)--Huggy The Bear
13.  New Orleans Saints--UTBawse23
14.  Miami Dolphins--Bleyd
15.  San Francisco 49ers--fredy05
16.  Houston Texans--BRB Masthead
17.  San Diego Chargers--traviscogg
18.  Kansas City Chiefs--Zach_The_Gamecock
19.  Tennessee Titans (from Cleveland Browns via Buffalo Bills)--Huggy The Bear
20.  Philadelphia
21.  Cincinnati Bengals--Free Range
22.  Pittsburgh Steelers--bigralph
23.  Detroit Lions--BostonianToro
24.  Arizona Cardinals--bt20
25.  Carolina Panthers--TexanStro
26.  Baltimore Ravens--Three and Out
27.  Dallas Cowboys--Roll.Texans.Roll
28.  Denver Broncos--BNew417
29.  Indianapolis Colts--Schaubshank Redemption
30.  Green Bay Packers--FeedEmToTheWolves8099
31.  New Orleans Saints (from Seattle Seahawks)--UTBawse23
32.  New England Patriots--MD.Texan