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2015 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Host Brett Hundley, Will Do Same For Todd Gurley

Two intriguing--and polarizing--NFL Draft prospects have reportedly already or will reportedly visit the Houston Texans. What do Texans fans think about the fit between Brett Hundley and/or Todd Gurley and the team?

If the Texans want him, it would almost have to be in the first round.  Wouldn't it?
If the Texans want him, it would almost have to be in the first round. Wouldn't it?
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

A bit of honest-to-goodness, actual, real Houston Texans draft news for you...

On the topic of Hundley, Greg Cosell, NFL film guru, had this to say when he spoke with Paul Kuharskey today:

Despite the high praise for Hundley's physical attributes, that's not exactly a ringing endorsement for success as a QB in the NFL. Certainly not what a team would be looking for in the first round of the NFL Draft, anyway.  While the Texans may not think they're totally set with a depth chart of Ryan Mallett/Brian Hoyer/Tom Savage, it's hard to imagine them considering Hundley as a viable first or second round pick, given the other voids on the roster.  After that?  Maybe the value is right to take a chance.

Speaking of first round talent...

I know many are of the mind that "first round" and "running back" should never appear in the same sentence, but news of a visit is news of a visit. Even if you're not a fan of Gurley, it seems unlikely he'd still be available when the Texans went on the clock in the second round.

Brett Hundley as a future Texan? Todd Gurley as a future Texan? Other draft-related discussion? The Comments await.