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2015 NFL Draft: What Will The Houston Texans Do At 51?

More fully guaranteed predictions from the BRB staff. This time, they tackle the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

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To recap from yesterday's predictions, BFD, Capt. Ron, Brett, and I were the only ones who thought the Texans would make their pick at 16.  Brett predicted the Texans would go offense with that pick; BFD, Ron, and I thought it would be defense.  But it was Capt. Ron who, almost accidentally, nailed the correct pick, albeit in a theoretical trade-back scenario.

The lesson: blind squirrel, acorn, etc.

So, based on that smashing success, let's tee it up again and see what the BRBers are predicting on Day 2.


With the 51st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans will select Benardrick McKinney (ILB--Mississippi State).

Despite good WRs being available, the Texans figure they can still get solid value at the position in the third round.


As much as I like the Kevin Johnson pick, he didn't address any immediate needs on the roster. After last night, I still think we lack tremendously at OLB, ILB, S, DE, and WR. It's doubtful Gregory or DGB falls to us, but I wouldn't mind seeing an Eli Harold with the next pick, but this would also be a good time to take Eric Kendricks. If Kendricks is gone, I think we can address ILB later in the draft as I don't see too much difference from the next five after Kendricks.

With the pick of Johnson, I would love to see AJ Bouye move to S. I see a lot of the same qualities in him I saw in Glover Quin at the position, and I think he could be an in-house upgrade over Swearinger. But so could a mannequin with its arms attached, so there's that.

Capt. Ron:

With the Colts setting up a ridiculous offensive boat race with T.Y. Hilton + Phillip Dorsett, I’m hoping the Texans move up and grab either Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State or Ameer Abdullah, RB, Nebraska. Houston’s defense is looking amazing, but the offense needs weapons to score consistently on more drives to keep up with the Colts, Broncos and Patriots in games that matter.


I would like Kendricks, or, failing that, McKinney.


I think that the Texans will end up with Tyler Lockett at pick #51. He is a perfect prospect to fill the need at slot receiver, and he can immediately contribute on special teams as a return man as well.


I would be pushing the buttons to try to reel in Eric Kendricks, but my guess is the Texans stay put and take TE Maxx Williams, out of Minnesota.


Again... you could completely make up names and I would believe that they're real people, but given those options, I would totally go with someone who spells Maxx with two Xs.


I want Kendricks; I suspect we'll take Maxx Williams.

Feel free to leave your own predictions in the comments below. The most accurate predictions win a free two-year subscription to BRB.