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2015 NFL Draft: Are The Houston Texans Trading Up For RB Tevin Coleman?

The Texans tried to make a trade last night to get back into the first round, but it fell through at the last minute. Ian Rapaport may have just accidentally tipped off who Houston was targeting.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Media's Ian Rapaport, who is known to be close with both the Patriots and the Texans' coaching staffs from his days as a writer in the New England area, tweeted out a possible clue for what actually happened last night in the Patriots-Texans trade rumor fiasco at the end of the first round.

First things first, let's recap what went down last night by taking a look at Patrick Starr's Twitter timeline as he reported - and then retracted - the news of the trade.

The Patriots are rumored to have agreed to a trade with Houston until they realized that Malcom Brown was going to be available for them at the 32nd overall pick. As soon as Brown was an option, New England allegedly backed out of the deal and made their selection.

Of course, this is all pure speculation, but it is entirely possible that the Texans - who are still looking for an heir apparent to Arian Foster at running back - were the organization in question that was trying to make the move back up the board, and that they were trying to use New England's pick at No. 32 to get Coleman. Coleman is the 7th best player still available according to my Top 40 Big Board, so the talent certainly fits the pick range if Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith make a play to get up into the top of the second round. I would be more than okay with Coleman becoming the big play threat out of the back field that this offense sorely needs.

What do you think, BRB? Is Tevin Coleman worth a trade up into the top of the second round?