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Houston Texans News: Mini-Camp Update--Second-Year Players Looking Good

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Bill O'Brien spotlighted Travis Labhart and a few other second-year players as looking good during mini-camp.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was a busy weekend for the Houston Texans:

Rookie defensive end James Rouse suffered a torn Achilles and ended his season on the first day of mini-camp.

Bill O'Brien shared a lot of details on their extensive program to help rookies succeed in the NFL, as well as to acclimate to living in Houston.

As soon as the rookies get in, starting I believe this afternoon, from this day forward, sometime in the afternoon they’ll have what we call a rookie development program, which Sean Washington, our director of player engagement, is in charge of. That can range anything from teaching them how to set up a bank account, to how to get around the city, to life skills, like I was saying before, nutrition, when to wake up, rest, hydration.

O'Brien also mentioned conditioning:

"There’s a big difference between training for the 40 yard dash, or the broad jump, or the vertical leap. All those things are important in the process of getting to this place. They were part of the process of how they ended up in the NFL and specifically with the Houston Texans, but at the end of the day those things don’t really relate to the tempo at which we practice so I think our staff, our training staff, and our strength staff, we really work together to monitor these guys and evaluate these guys to see what type of condition they’re in."

The rumors of the Texans trading or releasing D.J. Swearinger crested with Swagg posting a goodbye message to his Instagram account:

One heck of an opportunity #texannation I appreciate everything and the opportunity and memories!! It's time for a new chapter and the defining moment of my career!! So long #HOUSTONTEXANS

Deepi Sidhu of published the following article where a few second-year players were recognized by O'Brien:

After Friday’s rookie minicamp, head coach Bill O'Brien observed that all players needed to improve their football conditioning.

Everyone, that is, except for a few.

"I’ll take the three receivers, use them as examples, EZ (Nwachukwu), Jace (Davis), (Travis) Labhart," O'Brien said Saturday. "These guys are in way better shape than the other guys and so that’s good for the rookies to see that."

Bill O’Brien was pleased with the progress that second-year players have made in the Texans offseason program. Many have been training at NRG Stadium and have kept up their conditioning.

Having one year of experience in the system didn't hurt either. Labhart compared the mental aspect of minicamp to "having the answers to a test."

"For me, this offseason was about coming in and being in good shape and knowing the playbook," Labhart said. "It’s mind-boggling how much the more info you know, the easier things are."

Labhart was a fan favorite last year through camp and preseason.  It's terrific to hear that he and other second-year receivers are looking good and are ready to make that critical leap from year one to year two.

That's quite a lot to take in from just one weekend!  It will be interesting to see how the rest of this week goes for your Houston Texans as they prepare the team for the 2015 season.