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Report: Here's Why The Houston Texans Released D.J. Swearinger

If true, this does not reflect positively on the former second round pick of the Houston Texans. It also shows that Bill O'Brien does not mess around.

Guess he wasn't the best teammate he could be.
Guess he wasn't the best teammate he could be.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Word of the Texans' possible unhappiness with D.J. Swearinger first went public a couple of weeks ago. Earlier today, the team, presumably unable to find another team willing to surrender an asset for the 2013 second round pick, released Swearinger. In the post reporting the move, Brett mentioned "... rumors that Swearinger walked out of special teams meetings last season because he felt that his status as a second round pick precluded him from playing on the special teams unit." The following tweet from KPRC's James Starks lends credence to that rumor.

Assuming the veracity of that report, that's not a good look for Swearinger. Second round pick or not, starter or not, refusing to participate in any segment of the team's plans does not strike me as a sound strategy if one wishes to remain employed in a Bill O'Brien regime. Frankly, it's probably not a smart tactic anywhere in the NFL unless you are in truly rarefied air.  What say you?