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D.J. Swearinger Claimed Off Waivers By Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Former Houston Texans player D.J. Swearinger, a day after being cut by Houston, has been claimed in the waiver-wire process by Tampa Bay.

"...these boots were meant for walkin'..."
"...these boots were meant for walkin'..."
Bob Levey/Getty Images

Yesterday the Houston Texans released the third-year safety and former second round draft pick after no other team was wiling to make a trade for his services.  It is now being reported that D.J. Swearinger was claimed off waivers by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who had the number-one waiver priority.  It would be interesting to know how many teams put in a waiver claim for him.

There has been speculation about "why" Swearinger was cut by the team, including the possibility that he was behaving with a sense of entitlement, but no official word has been provided by the powers-that-be over on Kirby.  I doubt we'll hear anything as they move forward in preparing the team for the 2015 season.

Hopefully Swearinger takes this opportunity for a fresh start with Tampa Bay and enjoys a successful NFL career.  He just tweeted this shout-out to his new team:

Texans fans will get a chance to welcome Swearinger back to Houston when the Bucs are here to play at NRG Stadium on September 27th.