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What Information Do You Want In A Re-Watch Of The Houston Texans' 2014 Season?

To better understand the Bill O'Brien regime, a thorough review of the 2014 season is in order. But first, add your thoughts on what exactly should be reviewed and what information should be collected.

A penny for his thoughts...
A penny for his thoughts...
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Bill O'Brien has said a hundred times that he wants his team to be gameplan-oriented week in and week out -- meaning that the offense and defense will theoretically be deployed differently based on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of their upcoming opponent.

My goal during this long, hot summer is to track and attempt to quantify the adjustments and changes made on a weekly basis. My hypothesis before starting this (based on my fading recollection) is that the gameplan didn't change all that much on a weekly basis because of the limitations inherent in having Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starter. Still, I think there are nuances here and there we can discover.

I believe that I'll need some help in figuring out what exactly to track. Firstly, I'm going to limit the scope to O'Brien's offense, as Romeo Crennel's tendencies have been well-documented. And beyond tracking run versus pass attempts, I want to track runs to the Left/Right/Middle/Tosses and track pass attempts into Short/Middle/Long categories. If there is a website for this, I would like to know about it.

I'll also be using the All-22 view and check out different route concepts the team might've used to attack certain players (such as Troy Polamalu).

Ultimately, I want to take this information and compare it to the strength and weaknesses of their opponent and see if it lines up logically, and in the process gain some insight into the thought process of Bill O'Brien.

What say you, readers? What other information should I dig up? I'm eager to know your thoughts on this.