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Houston Texans 6th Overall in 2015 NFL Draft Power Rankings

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The Texans did pretty well for themselves in the latest draft, at least in theory. See how they measure up against other NFL teams in this latest power rankings list, and join in the conversation with other fans.

"I'm gonna let the air out of the balls as I intercept them."
"I'm gonna let the air out of the balls as I intercept them."
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports put together a Top 100 player list for the 2015 NFL Draft, and then used that to fuel a power ranking to show how each team did with their talent haul this year.

Here are the top-ten results from that power-ranking.  Your Houston Texans come in 6th overall for three of the players they drafted.

1. Minnesota Vikings: 290 points (6 players)

Overview: The Vikings drafted six Hot 100 players, the most of any team. They got excellent value with picks in the fourth (OT T.J. Clemmings, 110th overall), fifth (WR Stefon Diggs, 146th overall) and sixth (OT Tyrus Thompson, 185th overall) rounds. Each of their first four picks were Hot 100 players (TE MyCole Pruitt, who went in the fifth round at 143rd overall, was not on Brandt's list).

The players (points)
No. 9 CB Trae Waynes, Michigan State (92)
No. 42 OT T.J. Clemmings, Pittsburgh (59)
No. 50 LB Eric Kendricks, UCLA (51)
No. 51 DE Danielle Hunter, LSU (50)
No. 76 OT Tyrus Thompson, Oklahoma (25)
No. 88 WR Stefon Diggs, Maryland (13)

2. Cleveland Browns: 248 points (5 players)

Overview: The Browns had two first-round picks and used them to select two of Brandt's top 26 players. Each of Cleveland's first five picks were Hot 100 players and the Browns got them in the first three rounds, though they didn't select them in Brandt's order. The Browns got DE Nate Orchard in the second round and RB Duke Johnson in the third round; Johnson was ahead of Orchard on Brandt's list.

The players (points)
No. 13 NT Danny Shelton, Washington (88)
No. 26 C Cameron Erving, Florida State (75)
No. 61 RB Duke Johnson, Miami (40)
No. 65 DE Nate Orchard, Utah (36)
No. 92 DT Xavier Cooper, Washington State (9)

3. Dallas Cowboys: 237 points (3 players)

Overview: Dallas got three of Brandt's top 28 players. But how they got them is the interesting aspect of this. The Cowboys' first-round pick was CB Byron Jones -- and he was the lowest-ranked by Brandt of Dallas' three Hot 100 players. The highest-ranked was OT La'el Collins, who was signed as a free agent after teams bypassed him in the draft. Dallas got OLB Randy Gregory in the second round after he fell because of off-field issues.

The players (points)
No. 15 OT La'el Collins, LSU (86)
No. 23 OLB Randy Gregory, Nebraska (78)
No. 28 CB Byron Jones, UConn (73)

4. Atlanta Falcons: 233 points (5 players)

Overview: The Falcons drafted five Hot 100 players, including two who were in the top 30, and got them with their first five picks. Atlanta got two of their Hot 100 players on the third day with WR Justin Hardy (fourth-rounder, 107th overall) and DT Grady Jarrett (fifth-rounder, 137th overall).

The players (points)
No. 12 OLB Vic Beasley, Clemson (89)
No. 30 CB Jalen Collins, LSU (71)
No. 46 RB Tevin Coleman, Indiana (55)
No. 84 DT Grady Jarrett, Clemson (17)
No. 100 WR Justin Hardy, East Carolina (1)

5. New York Jets: 224 points (5 players)

Overview: The Jets also got five Hot 100 players, including DL Leonard Williams -- the No. 1 player on Brandt's list -- with the sixth pick of the draft. They drafted the five with their first five selections, including two excellent-value picks on the third day -- QB Bryce Petty in the fourth round (103rd overall) and G Jarvis Harrison in the fifth (152nd overall). The Jets' second-round pick was WR Devin Smith, who was the 37th overall pick. He also was ranked 37th on Brandt's list.

The players (points)
No. 1 DL Leonard Williams, USC (100)
No. 37 WR Devin Smith, Ohio State (64)
No. 53 QB Bryce Petty, Baylor (48)
No. 91 OLB Lorenzo Mauldin, Louisville (10)
No. 99 G Jarvis Harrison, Texas A&M (2)

6. Houston Texans: 221 (3 players)

Overview: The Texans drafted just three of the Hot 100, but each was a top-39 player, so they got excellent value. Houston ended up with two of Brandt's top 22 players. CB Kevin Johnson, the Texans' first-round pick, was No. 22 on Brandt's list. But Houston drafted WR Jaelen Strong, No. 21 on the list, in the third round -- 70th overall.

The players (points)
No. 21 WR Jaelen Strong, Arizona State (80)
No. 22 CB Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest (79)
No. 39 ILB Benardrick McKinney, Mississippi State (62)

7. Chicago Bears: 216 points (5 players)

Overview: The Bears got five Hot 100 players, including two of the top 32 on Brandt's list. WR Kevin White was Brandt's No. 4 player and Chicago got him with the seventh pick. DT Eddie Goldman was Brandt's No. 32 player, and the Bears got him with the 39th pick. Chicago also got excellent value with RB Jeremy Langford (fourth-rounder, 106th overall) and S Adrian Amos (fifth-rounder, 142nd overall).

The players (points)
No. 4 WR Kevin White, West Virginia (97)
No. 32 DT Eddie Goldman, Florida State (69)
No. 77 C Hroniss Grasu, Oregon (24)
No. 87 RB Jeremy Langford, Michigan State (14)
No. 89 S Adrian Amos, Penn State (12)

8. New York Giants: 213 points (3 players)

Overview: The Giants ended up with three Hot 100 players; each was in the top 50 on Brandt's list. New York got two of Brandt's top 25, selecting OT Ereck Flowers in the first round and S Landon Collins in the second. Flowers was 16th on Brandt's list, Collins 25th. They also got good value with third-round pick Owamagbe Odighizuwa; they drafted him 74th overall, and he was 49th on Brandt's list.

The players (points)
No. 16 OT Ereck Flowers, Miami (85)
No. 25 S Landon Collins, Alabama (76)
No. 49 DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa, UCLA (52)

9. Miami Dolphins: 201 points (3 players)

Overview: The Dolphins finished with three Hot 100 players, and each was ranked in the top 60, including two that were considered first-rounders by Brandt. Miami got DT Jordan Phillips in the second round; he was No. 31 on Brandt's list. Miami got tremendous value in RB Jay Ajayi. He was a fifth-round pick (149th overall) who was ranked No. 60 on Brandt's list. Concerns about Ajayi's knee caused his slide down draft boards.

The players (points)
No. 11 WR DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville (90)
No. 31 DT Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma (70)
No. 60 RB Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State (41)

10. New Orleans Saints: 198 points (4 players)

Overview: New Orleans was one of two teams with two first-round picks, but using the Hot 100 as a guide, the Saints didn't do nearly as well as the Browns, who were the other team with two first-rounders. New Orleans chose OT Andrus Peat with its initial first-round selection and LB Stephone Anthony with its second. Anthony's selection looks like a reach, though: He went 31st overall but was ranked 56th by Brandt.

The players (points)
No. 17 OT Andrus Peat, Stanford (84)
No. 56 LB Stephone Anthony, Clemson (45)
No. 63 CB P.J. Williams, Florida State (38)
No. 70 QB Garrett Grayson, Colorado State (31)

You can see the full list HERE.

It's interesting that WR Jaelen Strong was ranked one spot higher than CB Kevin Johnson on that Top 100 player list.  I don't necessarily agree with the player ranking, but it was at least a creative exercise to try and see who did better in the latest draft.  Obviously the real rankings will play out over the next two to three seasons when we can look back and see which of these players makes the leap to the NFL.

What are your thoughts?