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2015 Houston Texans Draft: Jaelen Strong Is The Best And Keith Mumphery Is The Worst

Why wait for a silly thing like actual football games or training camp? The aftermath of the NFL Draft is all about declaring immediate success and failure. One analyst gives his take on the best and worst draft picks in the AFC South.

Now just do it on Sundays.
Now just do it on Sundays.
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What would the weeks after the NFL Draft be if not for absurdly premature proclamations about which players were the best and worst picks by their respective teams? Thankfully, Chase Goodbread has you covered with his analysis of the most praiseworthy and lamentable picks by each team in the AFC South. For the Texans, he writes:

Houston Texans

Best: WR Jaelen Strong, Round 3 (No. 70 overall)
The Texans needed a replacement for Andre Johnson and found a third-round bargain for the role in Strong, a big target from Arizona State. You want value? If Strong had been picked a full round earlier, nobody would have blinked. Nobody should expect a young Andre Johnson, but there's every reason to expect a quality receiver who will make an impact as a rookie.

Worst: WR Keith Mumphery, Round 5 (No. 175 overall)
Houston took a fifth-round shot here on a player who was projected as an undrafted free agent. Built more like a running back than a wide receiver, Mumphery could struggle to make the team if he's unable to get open consistently, and he is lacking in quickness. By this point in the draft, even a deep wide receiver class was short on options. One still available with a lot more explosiveness than Mumphrey: West Virginia's Mario Alford.

Hey, it's the dead season, and this is a Texans fan site, so why not chime in with your two cents about whether you agree with this assessment? No need to wait for training camp or preseason games here!