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Should The Texans Be Afraid Of Marcus Mariota?

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Another year, another division rival ofthe Texans spends a top three draft pick on a quarterback. Should Houston be scared of the latest highly-touted signal caller to enter the AFC South?

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Tim’s recent post on the Mettenberger/Mariota fight to the death for the starting quarterback spot in Tennessee brought up a big question in the back of my mind today – is anyone actually scared of Marcus Mariota? Despite the hype, the Heisman Trophy, and the superhuman physical ability, should the Texans honestly be worried about the latest highly-drafted signal-caller to enter the division? After re-watching my Film Room episode on Mariota’s outing against Florida State in the Rose Bowl, I am not so sure that the former Duck will come out on the winning end of that head to head showdown.

Marcus Mariota might have the physical edge over Zach Mettenberger going into OTAs and training camp, but the "Mettsiah" may yet just win the job anyway because of his pro-style background and advantages in development as a pure pocket passer. If Mariota is not even a lock to be the best quarterback on his own below-average roster, how could I possibly compel myself to feel the same sense of dread when facing him that I do when the Texans go toe to toe with Andrew Luck? I disagreed with the Titans’ selection of Mariota with the second overall pick on the night of the draft, and I still disagree with it now. Consider me firmly entrenched in "Team Mettenberger" for this one, folks.

Either way, I am sure that J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney will giddily welcome whatever poor soul that Tennessee decides to trot out there for sacrifice when the Titans come to town in Week Eight.