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2015 NFL Draft Results: A Complete List Of All Houston Texans Draft Picks

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With the 2015 NFL Draft in the books, here's a quick look at everyone the Houston Texans drafted over the last three days.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft is over. The seven ( 7 ) players drafted by your Houston Texans over the three day affair are:

1: pick 16 (16) Kevin Johnson (CB, Wake Forest)--reactions/analysis here and here.

2: pick 11 (43) Benardrick McKinney (OLB, Miss. St.)--reactions/analysis here and here.

3: pick 6 (70) Jaelen Strong (WR, Arizona State)--reactions/analysis here and here.

5: Pick 39 (175)* Keith Mumphery (WR, Michigan St.)--reactions/analysis here.

6: Pick 35 (211)* Reshard Cliett (LB, S. Florida)--reactions here.

6: Pick 40 (216)* Christian Covington (DT, Rice)--reactions here.

7: Pick 18 (235)  Kenny Hilliard (RB, LSU)--reactions here.

Feel free to discuss your opinions on whether this draft was a rousing success, an unmitigated disaster, or a bouillabaisse of meh, below.

*Compensatory selection

As we wait to see which undrafted free agent rookies will sign with the Texans, share your reactions to the haul of talent that Bill O'Brien, Rick Smith, and Brian Gaine targeted in this year's draft for the Houston Texans.