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NFL Rules Changes: Here Are Randy Bullock's Numbers From The New Extra Point Kick Range

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With the reported changes coming to the extra point attempt, let's take a look at how our hometown kicker might fare.

"GTFO, ball."
"GTFO, ball."
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Like was noted down in the comments in today's discussion of the rule change, the extra point attempt, as it stands today is about as exciting as an intentional walk in baseball... or baseball in general (just kidding, I love baseball).

I love the idea of some added tension to a play that Rick Smith described as "ceremonial" in nature. The added chance of 2-point conversions is also an added bonus for me. Some may say that it wasn't broken; I say, "but it was boring."

Out of all the frustrating, head-scratching rules the NFL has implemented of late, this is a good one.

Anyway, let's take a gander at how Randy Bullock has done from the new extra point range.

SEASON TEAM GP FGM FGA PCT 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ LNG XPM XPA PTS
2013 16 26 35 74.3 1-1 7-7 5-5 12-17 1-5 51 26 26 104
2014 16 30 35 85.7 0-0 6-7 13-15 7-8 4-5 55 40 40 130
Career 32 56 70 80.0 1 14 20 25 10 55 66 66 234

Kicking from the 15-yard-line puts the XPA in the 30-39 yard range (add 17 yards to account for the end zone and the distance between the holder and the line of scrimmage).

For all his failings in 2013, Bullock was perfect from that range and missed just two attempts  last year on triple the attempts.

I'll still be holding my breath (and occasionally looking away from the screen completely, Kubiak-style) every time Beer Can comes onto the field, but I'll be thankful for the added excitement overall.

Hopefully Bill O'Brien has some tricks up his sleeve for 2-point conversions this year. It'd be nice to see him and the Texans to set the trend on that.