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With Two Other Finalists Reportedly Out, Houston Texans Appear To Be Last Team Standing For "Hard Knocks"

As the day has passed, two of the three NFL teams who were reportedly finalists for consideration as the featured team in "Hard Knocks" appear to have fallen out of contention. Are the Houston Texans the "winners" be default?

This year, Matt Ryan will be played by J.J. Watt.
This year, Matt Ryan will be played by J.J. Watt.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Remember way back earlier today when the talk was that all but three (3) teams had been eliminated from contention for "Hard Knocks" this year? That news is already stale.

The Bills? Not interested.

Washington? Uhhhhh...also reportedly out of the running.

So...hold on...if my math is right...carry the one...this means your Houston Texans, by default, appear to be the team likely to be featured on "Hard Knocks" this year.

This is not official, and other teams could certainly still be in play under the NFL's guidelines, but all signs are pointing toward training camp being invaded by HBO cameras in short order. Your reaction?