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Although Words Cannot Do It Justice, Happy Memorial Day From Battle Red Blog

To all those who have sacrificed to give us our freedom, Texans fans or not, thank you from Battle Red Blog on Memorial Day.

No words.
No words.
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Today, many members of the BRB community get a day off from their respective daily grinds in order to observe Memorial Day. Simply murmuring a quick word of thanks to those who made the ultimate sacrifice does not begin to repay the debt they (and their families) paid on behalf of our great nation, and a post on a Texans fan site also falls woefully short of expressing an appropriate measure of gratitude for what some gave so all could flourish. Nor is it sufficient to thank the loved ones of those who perished so that the rest of us could be here enjoying the liberties of a free nation today. Nor is it enough to thank those (or, again, their family and friends) who have served, are serving, or will serve our country.

We don't--we simply cannot--say it enough: To those of you who have served our great nation, thank you for all that you have done. Many of you populate and contribute to this site; I won't list anyone by name for fear of leaving someone out. Nevertheless, you, whether you are deployed or not, are why we have the amazing ability to do what we do each day in the United States of America. To a much, much, much, MUCH lesser extent, you heroes are why we do what we do every day here at Battle Red Blog. Words, no matter how honest, cannot adequately capture the appreciation we have for you and yours.

Despite that inherent shortcoming, from all of us here at BRB, to all of those to whom the preceding words apply, please accept this unqualified and totally insufficient token of appreciation. Happy Memorial Day. Thank you.