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Houston Texans Alert: First Day of OTAs Cancelled Due To Flooding

You'll have to wait at least one more day for football action, as the Texans have cancelled today's OTAs due to the severe flooding around Houston.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston area is still recovering from a severe flood, as a powerful storm dumped massive amounts of rain overnight.  Most schools and many businesses are closed as a precaution to keep people off the roads until the water recedes.  Rainfall amounts ranged from six inches to almost a foot in some areas:

Not surprisingly, the Houston Texans have cancelled the organized team activities for today.

Many fans who were in attendance for the Rockets game last night are still trapped at the Toyota Center:

Here is an aerial image of freeways and roads underwater:

Our neighbors all around southeast Texas are feeling the effects from that storm.  Feel free to use this thread to discuss the situation, your experiences, as well as details of the aftermath and ongoing recovery.  Please follow the site rules as usual. Stay safe out there folks!  I hope everyone gets through this today, and we get a break from the rain to let this water work through to The Gulf.

I hope we see the Texans hit the field tomorrow for the start of OTAs.