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Houston Texans Selected For 2015 Season Of HBO's "Hard Knocks" Series

Do you want to see the inner workings of the Houston Texans like you've never seen them before? Of course you do; thanks to the fine folks at NFL Films and HBO, our dream is finally going to become a reality.

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

After much speculation and prognastication, the Houston Texans have officially been selected as the subject for the next season of HBO's critically acclaimed Hard Knocks series, per Tania Ganguli.

The Texans should have a plethora of characters and storylines to follow throughout training camp and the preseason later this summer, including but not limited to J.J. Watt annihilating absolutely everyone that dares face him. When you throw in Arian Foster's philosophical assertions, Jadeveon Clowney's rehab, Brian Cushing's lunacy, and Bill O'Brien's colorful vocabulary on the practice field, we could be in for one hell of a season. If this show is not appointment viewing for football fans everywhere, I don't know what is.

As for the notion of Hard Knocks negatively impacting a team's season due to the "distractions" of a camera crew, our own JohnnyTexan was able to lay those fears to rest in his excellent FanPost on the Hard Knocks myth (emphasis mine). by my count, here are the numbers:

- 9 Seasons of Hard Knocks.

- 5 teams were in the playoffs the season prior to the show. Of these, 3 made the playoffs again the next year.

- 4 teams were not in the playoffs the season prior to the show. Of these, 3 missed the playoffs again the next year.

So as far as playoffs go, 66% did the same thing the year after the show as they did the year before. 22% dropped out of the playoffs and 11% improved and made the cut.

Per, at least 4 new teams have made the playoffs every year since 1990, which means 4 teams drop out of the playoffs every year. That means 66% of the teams each year that make the playoffs are likely to return to the playoffs the following year, which happens to be the exact amount of Hard Knocks teams that have done the same. 20% of teams that do not make the playoffs each year will make it compared to 11% for Hard Knocks. Coincidentally, if the Texans are on Hard Knocks this year and make the playoffs, that will bring the Hard Knocks percentage exactly on par with the NFL percentage of teams rising into the playoffs.

Overall, based on just that bit of info, it looks like Hard Knocks is a complete wash in regards to how it affects a team's success.

What do you think, BRB? Are you as excited as I am to get previously unimaginable behind the scenes access to our beloved franchise? Sound off below.