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Houston Texans' Travel Distance For The 2015 NFL Regular Season

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Like every NFL team, the Houston Texans will be traveling a lot this coming fall, but they won't be logging nearly as many frequent flyer miles as others. Check out how the Texans' itinerary stacks up against the other 31 NFL teams.

That's not actually the Texans' plane.
That's not actually the Texans' plane.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 Houston Texans will be traveling even less distance for road games during the upcoming season than they did last year. They're also fortunate to be free of any 2,000+ mile road trips, as CBS Sports' John Breech explains:

In the 15-season period from 1997-2011, teams that traveled 2,000 miles or more for a road trip won only 39.8 percent of their games, according to That's slightly worse than the 43 percent of games won by teams that went on road trips that were 1,000 miles or less.

In 2014, teams that traveled over 2,000 miles won exactly 40 percent of their games, with NFL teams combining to go 8-12. London games don't count in that total, since both teams had to travel over 2,000 miles and therefore were basically on equal footing.

Among the 32 NFL teams, the Texans rank 20th in total miles expected to be traveled in 2015 with a tally of 14,318. AFC South rivals Tennessee and Indianapolis are even more fortunate, as neither of those teams will even crack 10,000 travel miles this season. The Jaguars' trip to London, however, shoots them much higher up the list.

Are you going to any Texans road games this season? If so, which one(s)? What is your travel mileage going to be for the 2015 season?