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Lynden Trail Interview: Get To Know One Of The UDFAs Signed By The Houston Texans

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Termed "mysterious" in the pre-draft process, Lynden Trail signed with the Houston Texans as an UDFA. Read more about him in an interview conducted by NFL Draft Lab's Cody Tewmey.

Will Trail find his way to a job with the Texans after training camp?
Will Trail find his way to a job with the Texans after training camp?
Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, Cody Tewmey alerted me to an interview (complete with scouting report) he did with Lynden Trail. Prior to the 2015 NFL Draft, Trail was considered one of the draft's most intriguing prospects, so much so that MMQB's Andy Staples did an entire story on him. An excerpt from the beginning of that piece:

Trail is 6-7 and 269 pounds, with arms that measure 34 7/8 inches long. At Norfolk State, he played outside linebacker in a 3-4 but put his hand on the ground when the Spartans wanted to show opponents a four-man defensive front. When their offense neared an opponents’ goal line, coach Pete Adrian would use Trail at tight end. He also served as a gunner on the punt team for two of his three seasons in Norfolk.

Trail could fit at any of three different positions (3-4 outside linebacker, 4-3 defensive end or tight end). Or he might not fit at all. After all, he started his college career at Florida but couldn’t crack the two-deep, and the rise in competition from the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference to the highest level of professional football is steep. Interested teams will spend the next two months trying to solve one of the biggest mysteries of the 2015 draft: Who is Lynden Trail?

As you know, Trail went undrafted. You know this because he was one of the undrafted rookie free agents inked by your Houston Texans after the 2015 NFL Draft came to a close. Thus, you are probably considerably more interested in Lynden Trail than you were, say, a week ago.

To that end, Cody Tewmey's scouting report and interview with Trail is worth your time. After you read it, sound off with whether you believe Lynden Trail will be able to find a home in Houston, be it on the 53-man roster or on the practice squad.