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Saturday Night's Alright for Commenting: May 9, 2015

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After a week's hiatus for the 2015 NFL Draft, S.N.O.T. is back, ladies, gentlemen, and riff raff.

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Yeah, if you're not the long snapper, this dude is not satisfied with your conditioning level. Get on that, dudes.
Yeah, if you're not the long snapper, this dude is not satisfied with your conditioning level. Get on that, dudes.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Our beloved Texans have welcomed their rookie draft picks, undrafted free agents, and tryouts, while waiving goodbye to three players, as well as an injured UDFA, James Rouse,thanks to an Achilles injury. Our fearless leader, OB, has commented with characteristic bluntness, about the current state of conditioning these guys have shown thus far (except for the long snapper; he's doing pretty d@mn good apparently). OB has also spoken of the veteran leadership that Cush and Watt are exhibiting, which gives me warm fuzzies (and, no, that's not Isabelle demanding food).

In other news, our Rockets are in L.A. facing the Clippers and, erm, making Austin Rivers look like a superstar. Not good, dudes. Not good. They take on the bad guys Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. on TNT and we need this win to bring the series level at 2-2. Ideally the same guys whose play got us in the playoffs and powered us through the series against the loathed and despised Mavericks will return to form and stop making the Clippers look like they've got Magic and Jordan on their squad. Keep hope alive, folks. We need it.

Additionally, our Astros are in a troubling funk. However, even after last night's loss to the Angels, we're still sitting at 19-11, good for first in the AL West. We'll be done with this road trip Sunday afternoon, and head home to welcome the Giants, Blue Jays, and Athletics. The 'Stros game will be on Root Sports Southwest.

Our Dynamo are getting national coverage, too, y'all. We're taking on Toronto at BMO Field, and ESPN2 will carry the game at 4 p.m. Unfortunately, we're sitting 9th in the Western Conference, so let's hope for some improvement. Our newest pro sports team, the Houston Dash, are on a bye this week, so no ladies action.

Now that our sports round up is complete, let's get to the fun stuff. You know the rules, so I won't go over them. In world news, the UK held an election that should prove interesting to the future of the EU, Greece remains bankrupt and the euro remains under pressure, which is interesting to those of us who follow currency markets, and yesterday marked the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe (of course, fighting continued for several months in Asia).

As for movies, this looks like hot, fried @ss, catchy theme song, though. If you're fluent in French or down with reading a movie, I'd recommend this one (love Gaspard Ulliel). If you want to stay in and watch something, this adaptation of this book is just freaking awesome (seriously, read the book first, because it's creepy to the point where I had to sit it outside my bedroom door, because I couldn't have that level of evil in my nightstand while I slept).

In other news, Mary Lee doesn't like New Jersey, either, and is waiting offshore to eat people (lol). Hurricane season appears to be starting early in some parts of the country (stay safe, y'all), while I've been living in what I suppose is tornado season for the past month.

In terms of music, I spent the week listening to some 70s rock (yeah, I'm eclectic like that), and decided to share the song that turned me on to Led Zeppelin

I also had this really big Italian phase about a decade ago (yeah, I pick up and drop languages like that), and found this guy, Eros Ramazzotti, and his performance with Tina Turner (love her), so I'll leave Cose Della Vita here for y'all, too.

With these two gems, your weekly S.N.O.T. is open. Comment, with kindness, below!