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Here's A Photo Gallery Of DeAndre Hopkins Catching 97% Of The Catchable Footballs Thrown To Him

Take a moment to enjoy DeAndre Hopkins doing what he does best.

Pro Football Focus had this to say about DeAndre Hopkins the other day regarding footballs and his skills to catch them:

In honor of that, I've assembled pictures of the finer moments in his young career. Enjoy!

Hopkins finished the 2014 season with six touchdowns on 76 catches (127 targets) for 1,210 yards. His 15.9 average yards per catch was second only to T.Y. Hilton's 16.4 when looking at receivers with 75 or more catches. Sustaining that high of an average with that many catches is not easy.

It would be nice if the quarterback situation would work itself out in a way that Hopkins could convert more than 59% of his targets into actual catches, but we'll have to wait and see. Either way, his career path is definitely heading toward "Elite WR 1" territory.

Stay tuned.