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Ben Jones Provides The Latest Example Of Why It's Easy To Be A Texans Fan

Forget all the embarrassing stories emanating from NFL players. Check out an example of a member of the Houston Texans making the fan base proud.

He gets it.
He gets it.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Although we're fortunate to be fans of a franchise that has, for the most part, employed players who kept their public missteps to a minimum, BRB nevertheless tries to highlight the good things Houston Texans do off the field. This time, it's Ben Jones who is deserving of a pat on the back.

Deepi Sidhu reports that the Texans' offensive lineman recently took it upon himself to make sure that all the football players at his high school alma mater would have brand new cleats this season. His former coach sent out this tweet:

Well done, Mr. Jones. You're just the most recent example of why it can be extraordinarily easy to be a Texans fan.