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Houston Texans' 2014 Success: A "Banner" Year?

Looking for some Friday fun? Take a look at a humorous image that pokes fun at the Colts through the lens of a fictitious banner in celebration of the Texans' 2014 season.

"Yay!  We don't suck!"
"Yay! We don't suck!"

Earlier this week, Twitter erupted and generated much laughter due to an image of the Indianapolis Colts' latest banner, which demonstrated their achievement of being "finalists" in making it to the AFC Championship game.  While it is quite an achievement to get to the AFC Championship Game, and something the Houston Texans are still pursuing as a franchise for the first time, it does seem a bit desperate.

Upon seeing this, our good friend BFD immediately said;

"We need a '2014 Houston Texans Not 2-14' to match that one."

It's a slow Friday during the offseason, and I had a bit of time during an early lunch break.  If you know me, and many of you do, then you know I wouldn't hesitate to fire up the old Photoshop program and bring that concept to life.

Happy Friday everyone!