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Video: Watch Brian Cushing Attempt To Remove Brian Hoyer From Existence

No, not in OTAs, but in the Texans' game against the Browns last year.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that Bill O'Brien says he's already ready (already?!) to name a starting quarterback for the 2015 season leads me to believe that it will be Brian Hoyer getting the nod over Ryan Mallett. Both have plenty of time in O'Brien's offensive system, but Hoyer has the larger sample size and is more of a known quantity. My bet is that Hoyer will be the starter if O'Brien chooses before training camp.

So in anticipation of that, here's a video I stumbled upon that accurately reflects my feelings about that potential decision.

That's about as hard as a player can hit a quarterback without getting fined and penalized. It's nice to see that Brian Cushing still has the hammer. Hopefully he'll regain his wheels after a full season away from back-to-back season-ending leg injuries.

Say what you will about Jadeveon Clowney, Vince Wilfork and even J.J. Watt, this defense always seems to go wherever Brian Cushing goes.

And if it is Hoyer who gets the nod, here's another video that might make you feel a little better about it.  Enjoy.