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The Three Greatest QBs In Houston Texans History Are...

Why are you laughing? Stop laughing. I'm serious here. Someone at answered this question and then ranked every NFL team according to their three greatest QBs. We're gonna talk about it on Battle Red Blog.

Easily No. 1.  It's not even close, 2013 notwithstanding.
Easily No. 1. It's not even close, 2013 notwithstanding.
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In a scurrilous attempt to start a discussion and provide content during one of the NFL's true deader-than-dead periods,'s Elliott Harrison set about selecting the three (3) best quarterbacks for each NFL franchise over its history and then ranking those troikas from best (1) to worst (32).

Wait...I said that wrong. There's nothing scurrilous about this. We are freaking desperate for things to talk about. Thank you, Elliott Harrison, for giving us something to ponder on BRB today. You, sir, are the wind beneath my content wings.

Now let's see where he has the Texans rank--...oh, drat.

(32) Texans: Matt Schaub, David Carr, Ryan Fitzpatrick

Somebody had to be the caboose on this list, right? Schaub is far and away the best quarterback in the Texans' brief history, having posted three 4,000-yard seasons in Houston while making two Pro Bowls. Fitzpatrick played effectively in 2014, but unfortunately got hurt -- possibly costing the club a playoff berth. Carr had a rough go, but one wonders what could've been if he wasn't hit seemingly every other play.

I can't take exception with Harrison saying the Texans, the youngest franchise in the NFL, have had the worst group of "all-time" QBs in the league. For much of the organization's existence, QB play has been a problem. That's not to besmirch Matt Schaub's contributions from 2007-2012; he was a good (not great) quarterback for several seasons. Indeed, there is no reasonable argument to be made against Matt Schaub having been the greatest QB in Houston Texans history. That's a bit discouraging and rather potent evidence as to why the Texans are ranked No. 32 in this analysis.

But are David Carr and Ryan Fitzpatrick really the two next best QBs--in that order, no less--in Texans' history? Should Sage Rosenfels and/or T.J. Yates be in the discussion? And while I personally would not include Case Keenum in the analysis, I'm confident that someone reading this would. Feel free to add your two cents below.