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Houston Texans Minicamp News (Day 1): Brian Hoyer Ran First Team Offense; Vince Wilfork Is World's Greatest Farter

Get a rundown of what happened during today's minicamp and subsquent media session with Houston Texans players.

The leader for the starting QB job?
The leader for the starting QB job?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory minicamp opened today and will continue on through the 18th. Not exactly sure what minicamp entails but are too afraind to ask? Here's a bit of a primer:

No mandatory veteran minicamp may exceed three days in length, plus one day for physical examinations. The minicamp must be conducted during the week (Monday through Friday), with physicals taking place on Monday but no practice or workouts on that day, practices on Tuesday through Thursday and a day off on Friday. The minicamp must be conducted during week three or week four of Phase Three of the Club's offseason workout program. The Phase Three rules set forth in Article 21, Section 2(b)(iii) of this Agreement shall apply to all minicamp activities.

Two-a-day practices shall be permitted at two of the three practice days of the Club's one mandatory minicamp, subject to the following rules:

(i) players may be on the field for a total of no more than three and one-half hours per day;

(ii) players may participate in one practice for no more than two and one-half hours of on-field activities under Phase Three rules;

(iii) the second practice may only be for the remaining portion of the players' daily three and one-half hour on-field activities and shall be limited to walk-through instruction only;

(iv) no organized team activities (including treatment and taping) may begin prior to 7:00am local time or end after 8:30pm local time, and players shall be given at least one hour for lunch and dinner each;

(v) players may only be asked to participate in Club activities for a maximum of ten hours per day including taping and treatment but excluding meal time. The on-field time limits described above shall begin as soon as position coaches begin to coach players on the field.

During Phase Three, all coaches shall be allowed on the field.

No live contact is permitted.

No one-on-one offense vs. defense drills are permitted (i.e., no offensive linemen vs. defensive linemen pass rush or pass protection drills, no wide receivers vs. defensive backs bump-and-run drills, and no one-on-one special teams drills involving both offense and defense are permitted).

Special teams drills (e.g., kicking team vs. return team) are permitted, provided no live contact occurs.

Team offense vs. team defense drills, including all drills listed in Appendix G to this Agreement, are permitted, provided no live contact occurs.

Clubs may require players to wear helmets; no shells are permit­ted during Phase Three of the Club's offseason workout program or any minicamp.

How much guaranteed money did the NFLPA gave up in order to secure one hour each for lunch and dinner, I wonder?

So now that you've been made aware, let's get right to it.

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Brian Hoyer seems to be pulling away from Ryan Mallett, at least in the eyes of the media present. Hoyer's experience in actual games gives him a huge advantage over Mallett.  We'll keep an eye out for more news. Minicamp will roll on tomorrow!