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How Good Will The Houston Texans' Defense Be In 2015?

While the roster could still be tweaked before the regular season starts, Texans fans can still weigh in with their thoughts on precisely how good Houston's defense will be in 2015.

Like, No. 1 in the NFL good?
Like, No. 1 in the NFL good?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With the retention of Kareem Jackson and the additions of Vince Wilfork and Rahim Moore to a unit led by the historically great J.J. Watt, along with the inherently more speculative additions of Kevin Johnson and Benardrick McKinney via the 2015 NFL Draft, many feel the Houston Texans have the potential to field a truly dynamic defense this year. How good are we talking, though?

Pat Kirwan and Jim Mills of Sirius XM NFL say very good, but not best-in-the-land good:

What say you? Will the 2015 Houston Texans finish better than that using total defense as the metric? Cast your vote in the poll and expand upon your estimate below.