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BREAKING NEWS: Johnathan Joseph Signs Contract Extension With Houston Texans

Any concern fans might have had about the Houston Texans and Johnathan Joseph parting ways at the end of the 2015 season would seem to be misplaced. The cornerback has agreed to extend his time in Houston.

Now we know why J-Jo is smiling.
Now we know why J-Jo is smiling.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Berman tweets:

Much more to come, hopefully including details of J-Jo's contract extension, soon. In the meantime, celebrate the fact that perhaps the best free agent signing in franchise history has elected to prolong his stay in our fair city.

UPDATE: Berman has Joseph's contract terms now.

Three years and $22 million averages out to roughly $7.3 million a year. That is a hell of a deal when comparing his contract to some of the more lucrative defensive back salaries out there right now, chief among them being Darrelle Revisstaggering $14 million per year average salary. Is Revis a better corner than Joseph at this stage of their careers? Absolutely. Is Joseph a great value at almost half the cap hit of Revis? You betcha.

UPDATE II: J-Jo's cap hit in 2015 is now less than it would have been before the extension.