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Saturday Night's Alright for Commenting: June 20, 2015

Alright, alright, alright. Houston Texans OTAs are complete and the team has broken up for their summer holidays, reconvening August 1st. Talk about that and more on BRB's Saturday Night Open Thread.

She's not the best head coach, but she's ours. Jill Ellis, head coach of the USWNT.
She's not the best head coach, but she's ours. Jill Ellis, head coach of the USWNT.
Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

Say it with me now.  "We're going to get through these next six weeks. We're going to be fine. We'll come through this desert of NFL news even stronger, stranger, more committed Texans fans than we went in." Now let it all out.

While we may not have much Texans news coming out over the next six weeks--and that's actually a good thing, because the PFT Police Blotter has never had a Texan named to it and we'd like to keep it that way--we're Houstonians (well, most of us are, by birth, family history, current residence or fandom) and we have the Astros to keep our attention (after a long slog of a decade of disaster). After a recent rough patch of horrificness, the 'Stros have regained their form and are currently 11 games over .500. They're facing the Mariners again today and tomorrow before heading down the West Coast to play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and then heading back home to welcome A-Fraud and the Yankees.

In FIFA Women's World Cup News, the Ladies are taking on Colombia Monday at 7pm on Fox Sports 1. Since the US Women's National Team represents the only realistic chance for Americans to hoist a World Cup trophy anytime soon, I highly recommend tuning in (if you can find Fox Sports 1 on your package, of course). In NWSL news, the Houston Dash are back from their break (missing Morgan Brian, Meghan Klingenberg, and Carli Lloyd, who are all in Canada competing to bring home the World Cup trophy) by welcoming an also-depleted Western New York Flash squad that has sent Sydney Leroux and Whitney Engen to Canada). The Dash haven't lost for four matches in a row, and it would be nice to see that stretched to five after tonight's game.

The US Men's National Team is undergoing some controversy. Native Texan and team captain Clint Dempsey ended up getting red-carded in a recent match for getting hostile towards a match official (not a good look, dude). He's been fined and suspended from three matches with his team, the Seattle Sounders, but isn't expected to miss time with the National Team over this incident. While there's an issue with such blatant disrespect for a match official, there's an even bigger issue as to whether the suspension is as long as the rules dictate, with some members of the media indicating that Dempsey should be forced to miss six games, not three, which would negatively affect his availability for the National Team in the looming Gold Cup (you can't play for the National Team while suspended from Club competition). In less controversial news, the Houston Dynamo are visiting the Portland Timbers this evening. The game will be available on Root Sports SW.

For those of us who like tennis, Wimbledon is looming and Serena Williams (and some other nameless, faceless Americans) will be in Merry Old England hoping to take home the big plate. This week it's the Eastbourne tournament, which is a warm-up tourney to get players used to playing on grass, though.

For those of us who enjoy golf (it's nice to nap to, says Isabelle), the US Open is taking place this weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Tiger Woods has already been sent home, and Jason Day had a scary situation with vertigo on the ninth hole yesterday, where he collapsed. Day is planning to continue the tournament, so best of wishes to him for the tournament and his long-term health.

In other news, the situation regarding the Euro is getting dicier, which should be prove interesting to financial markets should the Euro not be a permanent fixture. The world's largest video game is being created in Guilford (that's in England for y'all geographically-challenged folks). Anyone in need of a tank can look up specs before purchasing. Our favorite chocolate company is in trouble, y'all. There might be a new development in anti-malaria vaccines, which should do a lot to help tropical and developing nations. Philae finally called after that date a few months back. I am loving my Prius and my 50MPG average right now. We need some farmers to try this out. Woot! for US Manufacturers!!!!

In music for the week: I never have seen any of the Furious franchise and I never will (I know how to put gas in my car, and take it to the dealer or car wash), but I am loving this song.

With that, your weekly SNOT is open. Comment on any happenings and opinions below (except about the wonders of the Furious franchise, because, just, no).