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Andre Johnson: "My Past Two Seasons [In Houston] Were Pretty Miserable"

With Houston in his rearview mirror and renewed vigor in Indianapolis, the greatest player in Texans franchise history took the gloves off in an interview with Dan Le Batard. See what he had to say and what Texans fans think about it on Battle Red Blog.

Not happy.
Not happy.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I first saw mention of Andre Johnson's interview with Dan Le Batard via this tweet from Mike Meltser back on Friday night:

Then the weekend came and I sort of forgot about it. Until I read Sean Pendergast's article for the Houston Press today, which is highly recommended, thanks in part to Pendergast transcribing some of the more interesting quotes from the interview. Two snippets I want to highlight before I open this up for discussion:

What was the most frustrating time in Houston?

"Probably the past two seasons. The year we went 2-14, Coach Kubiak being fired. Going through the whole process again of having a new coach, learning a new system. My past two seasons there were pretty miserable. I could tell you it was hard for me to even go to work. Just excited about this new opportunity now, can't wait to get it all going."

The 2013 season WAS miserable. Coming off a 12-4 campaign in 2012, the Texans were the worst team in the NFL in 2013, and a head coach 'Dre clearly liked was fired as a result of that failure. I get it.

The illuminating part to me is that 'Dre says 2014 was also miserable. A season in which the Texans, in their first year under Bill O'Brien, improved to 9-7, with the team having a shot at the playoffs all the way through Week 17. To put 2014 in the same sentence as 2013 shows you just how unhappy Andre Johnson really was last year, and his unhappiness clearly did not stem entirely from the team's record.

What parts of the business with the Texans were disillusioning to you?

"Probably the biggest thing was the QB situation. People who actually think how you feel about certain things, but then when you give your opinion, they tell you something and do the opposite. That was the biggest thing, talking to you about certain stuff, and even doing contract stuff to help the team and nothing was coming of it."

I wonder what 'Dre was specifically referring to here. What, as it pertains to the quarterback situation, was he asked about and felt like the team didn't follow through on? It could be any number of things. Could it be the fabled decision of sticking with Matt Schaub instead of chasing Peyton Manning after Manning was cut by the Colts? Could it be the team's handling of addressing the QB position in the 2014 NFL Draft, including but not limited to more aggressively pursuing Teddy Bridgewater as the tumbled through the first round? Could it be something else 'Dre suggested instead of the team's decision to roll with Ryan Fitzpatrick last year?

We'll never know, but we can certainly discuss that and more in the Comments below.