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Saturday Night's Alright for Commenting: June 27, 2015

Hola, folks. We're a week closer to NFL action, so let's celebrate together with some Kleenex and some SNOT!

If Dekker is half as awesome for Houston sports as Watt, we've got a lot to look forward to.
If Dekker is half as awesome for Houston sports as Watt, we've got a lot to look forward to.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, our Texans have been mercifully quiet on the infamous police blotter, which is nice. It does mean a dearth of Texans-related info, but no news is sometimes better than news.

In some minute Texans news, in case you don't do the Twitter, J.J. Watt played a wee bit of hockey last night in a charity event in Wisconsin. The Blake Geoffrion Hockey Classic is an annual event hosted by Geoffrion, a former Badger and pro hockey player whose career was cut short by a depressed skull fracture. Watt has spoken previously of his friendship with Geoffrion and his love of the sport, so it wasn't too surprising to see him take part.

In other Texans news, it seems Arian Foster has a website. I have no clue when that happened, but I guess it makes sense if he's interested in pursuing a public life once his time in the NFL is over. It has some info about his movie (which I still haven't seen and don't intend to), and seems to be frequently updated, which is a plus. If you're one of the anti-Twitter peoples, you can follow his tweets through a widget on his site (I will warn, if you're easily offended, avoid the widget, because he speaks his mind and folks have to deal with it--except for his nonsense about cats; that was wholly out of line and uncalled for).

If you enjoy cycling workouts, and live in the Houston area, you might spot Brian Cushing at RYDE. He hosted two earlier this summer, but I'm not sure he's going to host any more this summer. I'm also not sure how many of y'all are what I or any other human being blessed with the gift of sight would like to see in spandex on a tiny bike huffing and puffing away. But, hey, exercise is for all, even the well-fed ones, so don't let outside opinions keep you from getting off that couch and away from that second helping.

In other sporting news, the Ladies won against China last night and next face Germany on Tuesday evening in the FIFA Women's World Cup. Clint Dempsey received a two-year ban from the US Open Cup, but should still be eligible for National Team action this summer.

The Rockets drafted Sam Dekker (On Wisconsin!). As a Badger fan, even as someone who really does not care for the orange bouncy ball sport, I'm looking forward to seeing what Dekker does for Red Nation. The Astros play the third of a four-game series against the Yankees this afternoon, and hope to continue sitting atop the AL West at the end of the weekend. Once New York leaves, the team is hosting the Royals, before traveling to the Red Sox. The Houston Dash are facing the Washington Spirit in the DMV this evening, while the Houston Dynamo lost to the loathed and despised FC Dallas last night.

Now that sports are done, let's turn to other topics. Greece is still in the Euro (for now) but over a billion is due to the IMF on the 30th and this is proving interesting to watch. Yesterday, while Americans were either celebrating or denouncing the decision of the Supreme Court, terror attacks played out in FranceTunisia, and Kuwait that highlight the scary times we live in. Shabani, the metrosexual gorilla (I sh.t you not), captured the attention of Japan. Donald Trump has managed to anger an entire nation, a major television station, and a huge swath of Americans in one fell swoop. Argentine women are taking a stand against domestic violence (Warren Sapp, take note). Drones are being used to fly things from Germany to Poland. British doctors are calling on men to freeze their sperm at age 18. Google's issues in the EU have led the BBC to catalog the links being removed.

In music, I'm in a Blues mood this week, so I'm listening to a lot of Keb 'Mo. Here's his "Anybody Seen My Girl."