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Yahoo Announces It Will Stream Bills-Jaguars Game Live For Free

Are you sick of paying for cable every month just so you can enjoy sporting events live from the comfort of your own home? Well, that won't be changing any time soon. However, Yahoo is now taking their first steps into a cable-free football future.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

For years, sports fans around the country have held on to seemingly outdated and overpriced "cable packages" for the sole purpose of being able to enjoy live game broadcasts. Telecom giants like Comcast, Time Warner, and DirecTV have spent billions of dollars to keep legal streaming services from being able to show football games over the internet (whether for payment or otherwise), even outbidding Google for the rights to the extraordinarily lucrative NFL Sunday Ticket package.

Today, however, Yahoo announced that they will be carrying the annual Jaguars home game in London live on the internet…for free.

While it will still probably be years before we get an option to legally stream every game on a weekly basis, this is certainly a step in the right direction. Until then, I suppose I’ll just keep shelling out cash every month for my cable package so I can get my daily fix of football...hurray.