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Houston Texans News: David Quessenberry Hopes to Make Training Camp

With his cancer in remission, David Quessenberry is battling back to get into football shape in hopes to return by training camp.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Without much news coming out of the Texans OTAs, we seek any information available to keep us going during the dog-days of another Houston summer.  I'll bet you were just wondering how David Quessenberry has been doing in his effort to return to the team after being diagnosed with cancer in early 2014.  Well, you are just in time to hear the latest!

Tania Ganguli provided an update on the latest news for DQ:

"I’m getting better," he said. "It’s an exciting feeling when you can really feel your body getting stronger every day, you can feel yourself getting into better shape every day. That’s exciting. ... I’m working on gaining weight back, gaining strength back, explosiveness back, stamina back, speed back. All that."

"At the end of all the chemo and five weeks of radiation, I was in a pretty tough spot, physically," he said. "Right now we’re getting back to fighting shape."

He moved out of his old apartment, which sat almost directly between NRG Stadium and MD Anderson Cancer Center, where he underwent his treatments. It was convenient, but filled with memories he can now leave behind.

"I had just been so sick in there," he said.

Now in the maintenance phase of his treatments, he takes a lower dose of chemotherapy once a month and a weekly chemotherapy pill on Fridays. Texans players have the weekends off in the offseason, which allows his body time to recover though this is minor compared to the treatments he experienced last fall.

"I can count on things," Quessenberry said. "When I was going through that other phase of chemo, I couldn’t schedule anything for the future, I had to be like what are we doing the next couple days, how are my counts going to be … I might have to get a blood transfusion. Now it’s like, OK, my cousin is getting married in July? I’ll plan on that. It’s a nice feeling physically and mentally too to be able to get your breath a little bit."

Quessenberry would like to return to playing football by training camp, but he hasn't set any specific parameters for himself as he prepares for his third NFL season. He understands the fluidity of his health and that he's best served by simply working on his daily celebrations.

"My celebration is working out," Quessenberry said. "I love working out. I love training. I love that feeling. To be able to get back to doing some of those things I love to do is a celebration in itself for me."

This sounds very promising!  I hope that we see Quessenberry wearing a Texans uniform for training camp.  He's sure to get some time with the HBO "Hard Knocks" cameras, as this is an inspirational narrative that reaches an audience well beyond football.  I have my DQ shirt at the ready!  I hope to get it signed by him someday.