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Has Your Houston Texans Fandom Changed Over The Last Ten Years?

With the NFL offseason comes plenty of time to ask the big questions in life. If they happen to generate content and discussion on this Houston Texans fan site, all the better! Today we ask whether Texans fans have changed as fans over the last decade.

Was this you at one point in time?
Was this you at one point in time?
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

As a sort of tangent off the last general discussion post (and in a clumsy attempt at generating additional new content during this dead period), I respectfully turn your attention inward.

Specifically, I want to know how, if at all, your fandom of the Houston Texans has changed over the last several years.  Has it become more intense? Are you following the team and any developments relating to the Texans with a sharper eye than you did before?  Or has your devotion decreased, perhaps as other things in your life that demand attention have cropped up? Or do you believe you're just as fanatical in June of 2015 as you were in June of 2005?

If in fact there has been a change in your Texans fandom, what caused it?

Kindly leave your answers in the Comments below on this sunny Friday morning.