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National Donut Day: What Was The Most Glaring Flaw For Certain Texans Players?

It's June and absolutely nothing is going on in the world of the NFL. In these dark times, we must to resort to comparing Texans players to delicious sugary treats. Training camp can't come fast enough.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Today is National Donut Day, which is perhaps one of the very best days of the year for people like me that absolutely freaking love free donuts. In honor of such an esteemed holiday, Reddit user "3lauYourMind" posed a very interesting question for the football masses to ponder – what player has been considered to be very good, but had a giant hole in the middle of their game?

What it comes to the Texans, one name immediately jumps to the front of my brain – Brian Cushing. Houston’s favorite psychotic linebacker has been a borderline elite defender when healthy, prompting some fans and analysts alike to put him in the same class as Patrick Willis when he was really clicking on all cylinders in 2011. However, 2011 was one of the very few seasons where Cushing actually was healthy for all sixteen games, and even then he still had to sit out many practices on a weekly basis with various bumps and bruises. Cushing is certainly a special talent that has likely had many Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors taken from him by multiple serious injuries, and that is without a doubt his biggest "hole" as a player.

Who is your favorite "delicious but flawed" player in Texans history? Sound off below!