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Fun Houston Texans Facts From The Team's Public Relations Staff

The Houston Texans' PR department does a nice job of putting out facts and information Texans fans might not have know. In this post, BRB uses those factoids as a launching pad for some offseason discussion.

Underrated now?
Underrated now?
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Are we really so desperate for content that I would stoop so low as to craft several tweets from the Houston Texans' public relations staff's Twitter account into a sorry excuse for a post on BRB?

If you have any trouble answering that question, you really don't know me very well.

Onward! And then discuss as you see fit in the Comments!

So a fairly salty defense should be even better in 2015! What's that? You knew that already? MOVING ON...

Serious question: Has Arian Foster actually become underrated as a RB in the NFL? Even with the questions at LG and C as the team prepares for training camp, how many RBs would you rather have than Foster in 2015?

DeAndre Hopkins isn't just good. He's historically good after his first two seasons in the NFL. And he has accomplished that with Matt Schaub (totally unraveling Matt Schaub, not the good Schaub the Texans had from 2007-2012), Case Keenum, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Ryan Mallett as his starting QBs. Yes, Hopkins did have the benefit of defenses having to deal with Arian Foster and Andre Johnson, but that shouldn't markedly diminish what he's achieved thus far. By the end of the 2015 season, will we be talking about Nuk as one of the best five WRs in the NFL?